about us

about us

Saffron is nicknamed the “sunshine spice.”

That’s not just due to its distinct color, but also because it helps brighten your mood. Research shows that saffron helps improve your mood, memory, and learning ability, as well as protect your brain cells against oxidative stress.

My story all began with my first cup of Saffron tea, I still remember my first sip... from the sweet, musky smell; fierce, floral and bitter taste to the soothing and mood-brightening feeling inside.

On my trip to middles-east, I have realized how Saffron is widely used in middle-eastern cuisine, so decided to use this opportunity and share this authentic and irreplaceable aroma and taste of "Queen of spices" to the rest of the world.

Through regular trips to the farms, we have formed a solid bond of trust and partnership with our farmers, who take great pride in their work and the knowledge they are keeping alive a tradition that is literally thousands of years old.

Saffron is categorized by a variety of grades. We hand-pick our red-gold “Super Negin” saffron from sustainable farms located around the world, where the softly sloping terrain directly faces the sun which provides the ideal condition for growing the delicate flowers we meticulously harvest.

Saffron is harvested by hand from the Crocus sativus flower, commonly known as the saffron crocus. The term saffron applies to the flower's thread-like structures or stigma. 2 Gram jar of our premium saffron holds the stigmas of approximately 340 flowers and it is so rich in flavour and aroma to cook at least 24-28 family-sized dishes.

Why choose us

Our Golden Saffron is harvested from Pure Saffron Farms and its 100% Natural red threads exclude any chemical, preservatives, synthetic pesticides, food additives or colorings.

Saffrona is an Australian-based supplier and we provide wholesale to many shops, restaurants, and food distributors as well as retail quantity.

We price competitively and have the capability to fulfil large orders quickly.  

We are one of a few producers of Organic Super Negin Saffron in the world. This variety has all red Stigma and it is far longer than the other grades. You’ll find the perfume of our saffron to be hypnotic. The flavor is penetratingly musky, earthy, with notes of honey and violet.

We also publish a newsletter every few months, full of handy information and unique saffron recipes to spice up your food and drinks with this incredibly versatile spice. You can subscribe to our newsletter or visit our Blogs page for our new posts from our home page.

We value our customer's feedback and endeavor to respond to all queries within 24 hours.

Please contact us by email on info@saffrona.com.au or via our website Contact page.

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