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7 Miraculous Health Benefits of saffron for babies

During ancient times, saffron (Crocus sativus L.) had many uses around the world; however, some of these uses were forgotten throughout history.

Saffron has been known for more than 3000 years ago by many nations. It was valued not only as a culinary condiment but also as a dye, perfume and as a medicinal herb. Its medicinal uses ranged from treating eye problems to genitourinary and many other diseases in various cultures.

It was also used as a tonic agent and antidepressant drug among many nations. Saffron has had many different uses such as a food additive and a palliative agent for many human diseases. This exquisite spice is wonderful and safe for all ages including infants. Saffron for toddlers has enormous benefits when used in moderation.

Saffron For Newborns: Is It Safe?

The answer is yes; consuming Saffron is completely safe for infants and helps them fight against several bodily ailments. It strengthens their body but needs to be given in a very controlled manner. In the case of newborns, feed only breast milk. After 6 months, you can mix saffron with other herbs and spices for their consumption. It aids their digestion process, has anti-inflammatory properties and most of all, ensures oral hygiene. Saffron for infants is a great option during winters.

**Note that not more than 2 strands are recommended.

What Are The Saffron Health Benefits For Infants?

1. It Keeps Your Tiny Tots Happy.

Saffron is a stimulant that does wonders in creating a sense of happiness in your infants. Saffron can overcome the crankiness and colic in babies when mixed in mother’s milk by calming infants restlessness. Various compounds in saffron induce high feelings of pleasure to keep their spirits alive.

2. Saffron Builds Healthy Bones.

One of the major saffron benefits for infants is that it helps strengthen their bones. It is the ultimate use of saffron to absorb calcium and build stronger bones. A pinch of saffron powder or a single strand is all that you need to feed your baby with breast milk and watch the magic happen.

3. It Helps Prevent Cold, Cough & Flu.

Saffron health benefits for infants include keeping away cold, cough, and flu at bay. It’s like a protective elixir for those little ones. A simple way of feeding them saffron is by mixing a strand in mother’s milk or simply making a paste of nutmeg with saffron and cloves in a few drops of water. Apply this to your baby’s chest or back to get instant relief.

4. Saffron Protects Their Eyes.

Saffron can essentially be given to babies for protecting their eyesight. The spice is full of such compounds that help in providing them with better sight. Therefore, with the use of saffron, retinal stress that affects the eyes of infants due to bright lights also reduces.

5. Saffron Acts Like A Brain Tonic.

A healthy and reliable way of having brainy babies starts with including saffron in their daily diet. Saffron benefits infants’ nervous systems, as it acts as a brain tonic. As a result, even expectant mothers can have Saffron (in a controlled quantity) to deliver babies with brain cells like that of Einstein!

6. It Soothes Their Skin.

One of the most delicate features of a baby is the skin. Rashes and dryness are rather common. But, saffron is probably the solution you are looking for. It soothes the little one’s skin because of the antioxidant properties. This not only clears the skin allergies but rejuvenates the same and helps produce smoother skin cells.

7. Saffron Is Also An Effective Heart Tonic.

For your baby, saffron is an ultimate heart tonic. It efficiently supports cardiovascular functioning, keeps it going good, and promotes utmost strength.

How to Choose the Best Saffron for Infants?

For having the top quality strands that grow in Iran, pick the ones that are thin Red and have a lotus-like aroma. 

In Conclusion…

In the end, we would like to conclude that saffron for infants should be given in smaller amounts. It contains extensive benefits and leaves no major side effects. However, one should not use saffron for more than 6 months at a stretch. Additionally, it is best used in winters. Most of all, In case of an allergic reaction, do not forget to consult your physician in case of an emergency as the suggestions provided above are only for informational purposes.

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